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How I Can Help

At Felix Fortis Golf, my mission is to empower female high-school and collegiate golfers to train strong. Physical strength leads to an overabundance of confidence. THAT is what we need to feel over the golf ball and in life 😃



Golfers need strength & conditioning? 

YES! Golfers like you are athletes. So you need to train like one. If lifting seems scary or new to you, that's ok! That's why I'm here 😃

I want to change the mainstream fitness dialogue among young female golfers. 

You no longer have to play with pain, hide your athleticism, or struggle with your mental game. I can help you hit it farther, and lower our handicap with a personalized training program geared specifically for young women 😃

What you have to do is:

  1. Know your goals/trust the process
  2. Embrace the #HappyStrongMind pillars
    1. Nutrition
    2. Recovery
    3. Mindset
    4. Mobility
  3. Lift heavy stuff
  4. Believe in yourself 😃

Guess what that creates:

Strong, happy, and confident female athletes!

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Ready to dive right in?! GREAT choice 😃 Get ready to talk all things pertaining to building our most confident selves. Golf snacks, how to get strong, breathing, mindset, mental health, travel workouts, and menstrual cycles. We will cover it all 😃  Woohoo! Let's do this, ladies!

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The more I lift, the stronger I become. The stronger I become the happier and NICER I am to myself.
— Coach Kaitlyn

Booking a Speaker or a Class?

Let's Learn Together!

I am an experienced speaker, and have a love for connecting the #HappyStrongMinds -mindset to fellow female athletes.  I have spoken for trade shows, golf teams, collegiate teams, and club events in the past. Beyond golf strength and conditioning, I have a high level of expertise in nutrition, the menstrual cycle, lifting, and female athlete psychology. If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please fill out the form below and I look forward to connecting.

 Photo Credit: Omar Rawlings

Photo Credit: Omar Rawlings

That's All For Now

My apologies for the appearance. We are under construction, and will be up with more exciting stuff soon! In the meantime, don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter for updates and other exciting stuff!

- Coach Kaitlyn